KIYODEA have worked closely with a variety of local and international healthcare workers in the past. This has allowed KIYODEA to identify various medical facilities at all levels within Kilwa District and what help they require.

Kipuntinde Dispensary


  • Major partner of KIYODEA & main benefactor of Lake Maliwe Field Site income
  • through management of camping facilities and guiding researchers.
  • Setup following government initiative to increase healthcare at a village level.
  • Project incomplete due to a lack of funds.
  • Three years since construction began.

Fundraising goals:

  • Complete construction – £ 2,500

Njinjo Clinic


  • Ward level medical facility seeing 20 people per day supervised by 2
    healthcare professionals.
  • Major illness in Kilwa District are malaria & tuberculosis, and their diagnosis
    requires microscopy.
  • Lack of electricity prohibiting use of previously donated microscopes.

Fundraising goals:

  • Repairing of solar power system – £ 500
  • Examination Table – £ 250
  • Diabetes test for village – £ 125

Kilwa Masoko Hospital


  • Single doctor hospital seeing upto 50 people per day.
  • Lack of hand washing facilities and a hygenic clinical environment.
  • Requiring medical donations and a new ablution block.

Fundraising goals:​

  • Toilet facilities in Masoko Hospital – £ 650
  • Diabetes test for village – £ 125
  • ​Basic Medical Donations

Kilwa Kivinje District Hospital


  • Main hospital within Kilwa District staffed by 5 doctors.
  • Referral hospital for village & ward medical facilities.
  • Undertaking major surgeries and lacking in sterilizing equipment.

Fundraising goals:

  • Teaching Microscope – £ 650
  • Examination Table – £ 250