KIYODEA Fundraising Goals

Kipitimbi Water Project

Provision of water supply for a village of 200 people and also providing for a dispensary and a senior & primary school.


Primary School Classroom.

Due to recent weather damage and an increase in the local population, Mnazi Moja primary school is desperately in need of more classrooms.


Student Lunches

Provision of lunch to 300 primary school students for 1 year.


Teaching Microscope

Medical education at the district hospital to increase diagnosis potential.


Masoko Hospital Toilets

The toilet facilities at Kilwa Masoko hospital are unhygienic & unpleasant for staff and patients.


AIDS Awareness Trips

KIYODEA can organise 5 trips to outlying villages in Kilwa District and give AIDS & STD education.


Science Equipment

Many of the secondary schools in the area are lacking any form of scientific equipment


Examination Table

Equipment is always required in all of Kilwa Districts hospitals.


Village Diabetes Test

During the AIDS awareness trips it is also possible to undertake other diagnosis, including diabetes


Sporting Equipment

All schools within Kilwa District are lacking in basic sports equipment, this packages includes games for all sexes and ages for 1 school.


School Desk & Chair

Over a quarter of students at
Primary School have no desk or chair to work on. Each one costs:


Sponsor a Student

Text books, exercise books & stationary for 1 student for 1 year.