KIYODEA have focused on education as they believe education is a key to breaking out of the cycle of poverty within Kilwa district and Tanzania as a whole. The projects below center on teachers and young people in primary, secondary and tertiary level education.

Kipintimbi Primary School


  • 300 students in total aged between 7 – 12, however over 100 students sitting on the floor
    due to lack of desks.
  • 50 students per room and only 5 of required 7 teachers, due to staff shortages.
  • No water on site or nearby therefore no cooking facilities and children not eating all day.
  • Textbooks, English and Kiswahili teaching aids and sporting material all required.
  • Long term project to obtain sponsorship of the school providing a meal for the students.

Fundraising goals:

  • Lunch for 300 primary students for one year- £ 1,250
  • Sporting equipment primary school – £ 65
  • School desk & chair – £ 35

Mnazi Moja & Kilwa Masoko Primary Schools


  • Over 400 students
  • Due to recent weather damage many of the classrooms require repair.
  • Many students cannot afford basic materials

Fundraising goals:

  • Primary School Classroom – £ 2,000
  • Text books, exercise books & stationary for 1 student for 1 year– £ 15

Njinjo Secondary School


  • Water problems within local village, 70 foot bore hole required.
  • Large residential accommodation was constructed in 2005 for students from
  • outlying villages currently unused due to lack of water.
  • Lacking in science laboratories and any scientific equipment.

Fundraising goals:

  • Science Equipment Secondary School – £ 500
  • Kipuntinde Water Project – £ 6,500