AIDS Awareness Talks

AIDS in Tanzania is a major health risk, with factors such as poor healthcare, lack of education, prostitution, poverty, tribal customs and inherited wives adding to the problem. Awareness campaigns are not strong enough and people often transmit the disease due to lack of understanding about AIDS. AIDS treatment in Tanzania is free but the associated costs of seeking the treatment often mean people are unable to take medication.


In 2008, the Tanzanian government carried out a survey which showed that 5.7% of Tanzanians age 15-49 are HIV-positive. In the same year three senior members of KIYODEA received training at the local hospital and were then trained to give AIDS awareness talks.

KIYODEA through donations and membership payments have purchased broadcasting and demonstrating equipment and have used this to good affect over the last few years, visiting around 15 villages in the district.

Within the last year, KIYODEA have been able to work with a local ngoma (drumming) band on their awareness trips and this has increased the numbers of people attending the talks.

Fundraising for further trips:

AIDS awareness trips to 5 villages – £ 500

This includes car hire, ngoma band hire and fuel.