Our Projects

All finances generated by KIYODEA either through direct donations or through self sustainable income generating projects such as the research centre are filtered into one of the below projects:



With limited resources and understaffed schools there will always be educational problems in the developing world.

KIYODEA have adopted a holistic view on the education system and are trying to make changes at a variety of different levels and in a variety of different ways.



Tuberculsis and malaria, two of the world’s biggest killers are the most common diseases in Kilwa District.

KIYODEA are working at all levels of the healthcare system trying to provide support in a variety of ways from construction of toilet facilities to medical donations.


AIDS Awareness

With a high rate of HIV in Kilwa District as in all Tanzania, KIYODEA have focused many of their efforts on aids awareness.

We are hoping to reach all villages within the district by 2015.