The Kilwa Youth Development Association (KIYODEA) is an independent, non – governmental, non-political and non-profit making organisation based in Kilwa Masoko, founded by the local youth in 2005.

It is registered as an NGO under the Non Governmental Organisations Act of Tanzania 2002 with the registration number 08NGO/1486.

KIYODEA have been eager to develop income generation projects for the NGO to allow themselves to become self sustainable; they have developed links and formed strategic alliances with tourism projects in the area to increase their exposure to foreign markets.


KIYODEA’s main objectives are as follows:

  1. To promote AIDS awareness throughout Kilwa District.
  2. To educate the youth in Kilwa District on life skills, employment and future income generating projects.
  3. To educate society in Kilwa District on the importance of conservation of natural resources and the protection of the environment in general.
  4. To provide financial support for less well off members of Kilwa District through fundraising.


2004 A group of young people in Kilwa Masoko began planning for a new NGO aimed at helping the youth in Kilwa district.

2005 The NGO was named the Kilwa Youth Development Association (KIYODEA) & was officially registered.

2005 – 2012 Through member donations, government & private funding the NGO as been able to carry out AIDS awareness talks through out the district.

2009 KIYODEA along with local business launched the KIYODEA schools football tournament.​

2011 KIYODEA began discussion along with professional advisors on constructing a scientific research centre & ways of making a sustainable income for the NGO.

early 2012 KIYODEA secured funds and a land donation to begin construction of the research centre.​

end 2012 Construction of the research centre was completed, ready for the first students