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The Kilwa Youth Development Association (KIYODEA) are a registered non-governmental organisation working in Kilwa District, Southern Tanzania. KIYODEA are raising financial donations for a variety of projects in Kilwa Masoko, Kilwa Kisiwani And Kilwa Kivinje.

Through working with a variety of businesses & volunteers, KIYODEA have constructed a biological research centre and environmental building centre in Kilwa on Masoko Pwani. The research centre is currently being marketed to all international universities as an undergraduate and postgraduate tropical research site dealing in terrestrial, aquatic and marine biology.

Along with the research centre, KIYODEA have established a community campsite and field site at Lake Maliwe, a stunning location within the buffer zone of the Selous Game Reserve.

KIYODEA also offer gap year and school trips combining scientific research and volunteer community work in this severely impoverished area and include education, medical and aids awareness projects.

The volunteer manager of the research centre is an experienced eco-builder from the UK. Throughout next year he will be running courses in conjunction with KIYODEA regarding Superadobe building methods.

If you have any questions or require any more information about KIYODEA please do not hesitate to contact us.